Exposition "I am a Man" à Montpellier


Les 3e 1 et 3e 4 sont allés voir une exposition à Montpellier sur la ségrégation aux Etats-Unis, dans le cadre de leur cours d’anglais...


On December 4th and 6th, the year 101 (3ème 1) and year 104 (3ème 4) went to an exhibition about segregation in the 60's in the USA.

First, our guide showed us the different peaceful marches and protests against the Jim Crow Laws. They had a big impact on the proceedings of that fight.


Then, she talked about the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), a racist organization, which beat, hit and who were against black people.


Finally, she introduced us to the peaceful leader Martin Luther King.

Mathilde and Aleksandra